John Lee is a world renowned computer hacker , a writer/director, and a radical creative futurist. He consults with several institutions and think tanks as a futurist, developing reasonable calculations of future events to both inspire creative endeavors for humanity and avoid or mitigate calamity.

John consults with a select group of entities about computer security and has appeared on the cover of magazines like Wired and on news programs like 60 minutes for his exploits and expert commentary on the hacker world. John also develops narrative film and documentary projects about sci-fi and technology exploring the thematics of freedom and revolution.

He also works on developing technologies to help in spreading and maintaining free speech and democracy for humans world wide. Contributing time , expertise and advice to NGO's that help humanity from social justice for human rights globally. John is on the board for Just media, An artist in residence at PS1 Moma, and consulting for [redacted]



Current Film Project: Don't Talk To Trees (Italy)

Eco-Conciousness 2023 Conference (Visions 2030)

X-DAO - A Radical Dao (http://xdao.digital/)

Dream Box: Public DALL-E Installation (PS1)

Drive Box: Expirement in Public Streaming

Anti-Influencer Climate Crisis project.